Fences, Gates and Water Troughs Gallery

Being around and competing in the equestrian world from a very young age, we know how important it is to have good strong safe fenced paddocks during the daily turnout, and good strong safe stabling at night. We are very proud of the work we do, and very proud to say we are able to offer safety and piece of mind to our clients as standard!!
We have many references both written and verbal available for potential clients to view if required, in some instances previous work can be inspected for that extra certainty that you have chosen the right company to carry out your work.


Sawn Post and Rail - available in different heights and number of rails with or with out wire attached.

Half Round Cundey Peeled Fencing - available in different heights and number of rails, an upgrade from half round to full round posts available, and advised for the larger horses who tend to lean and push on fences.

Wire Fencing - Agricultural spec wire fencing, many combination available, fencing to keep sheep in and deers out to everything in between.

Horse Net Wire Fencing - An absolute must if you graze your paddocks with both sheep and horses, ultra safe for equestrian use due to the small squares resulting in them being un able to put their hoof through, available in different heights and specs.

Close board fencing - available in many heights.

Morticed post and rail fencing - available in different specifications.


We offer a wide variety of sizes in both galvanised and wood.

Wood 5 Bar Gates - available in many sizes and styles either hung as a single gate or pair.
Galvanised Field Gates - available in many sizes and can be hung as a single gate or pair.

Driveway Entrance Gates - available in many sizes and designs.

Electric Fences

Electric fencing, from a single strand on top of a rail to prevent chewing or a several strand fence, many specs available to suit many needs.

Water Troughs

Many sizes available in both plastic and galvanised.
Automatic water drinking troughs also fitted in stables.

Mole plough used to bury pipe.

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